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Event promotion, reinvented

Artificial Intelligence serves artists
and venues 24/7

WeDao uses AI to make informed suggestions about which artists to invite

WeDAO makes informed suggestions which artists to invite

Artists use AI to discover where they are most popular and which new venues they can play

Artists find new fans


Discuss terms and execute agreements

Streamlines the gig negotiation process from production details to revenue split

Secure money processing for all parties involved

Grow the Crowd using AI

Allows for collaboration between artists and influencers

Creates buzz in social media and engages fans into crowd promotion

AI tracks ticket sales 24/7 and executes different strategies to maximize event potential


See what WeDAO can do for You


Discover new audiences and make sure you get paid

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Find out how to book artists who are hot in your area.

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Make extra cash by promoting your favourite artists… and boost your own popularity

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